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Removing Boxbe from your Gmail account

Friday, December 14th, 2007

NOTE: Boxbe is discontinuing support for removing Boxbe for Gmail in this way. Please follow the directions at the bottom of this post to remove Boxbe for Gmail.

Edited February 4, 2008

Recently, we’ve had a little bug that made it difficult to remove Boxbe protection from Gmail accounts. The bug has been fixed, but I thought this might be a good opportunity to tell everyone how to disable Boxbe for your email account (particularly Gmail). We know some people may want to discontinue service after trying it and we’ve made it easy to enable and disable accounts.

How it works

We’ve added a filter to Gmail to selectively forward email to Boxbe and send email from senders on your Guest List back to Gmail. You can turn this on and off on the site by going to the Boxbe Dashboard and click “Disable” next to the email address you want to disable (this works with the other addresses, too).


Next, you’ll be taken to a screen that you’ll have to enter in your Gmail password.


If for some reason, that doesn’t work, click through to the next page to get the details on how to turn Boxbe for Gmail off in Gmail.

To turn off Boxbe for Gmail manually, follow these steps.

First, go to your settings from within Gmail.


Second, once inside your Gmail Settings, click “Filters.”

Finally, find the Boxbe filter (this will be the one that says “Do this: Forward to, Skip Inbox, Delete it”


Once you’ve removed the filter, Boxbe won’t be protecting your Gmail account anymore.

You can always re-enable the account on your Boxbe Dashboard.

What is Boxbe?

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

With the recent relaunch of our site, I thought this might be an opportune moment to better explain what Boxbe is and how we can help you.

Beyond Email 2.0

Email is an essential tool that we use in all areas of our lives, personal and professional. Yet it has not kept pace with the way people communicate.

Email as we know it is broken. It hasn’t changed with the times and many people claim to be abandoning email and young people aren’t adopting it.

Boxbe is a service that lets you easily create an email guest list so that you can make sure you receive email messages from people who matter to you.

Boxbe Guest List

hiw2.pngA Boxbe Guest List works like lists on popular social networking sites – it protects and guarantees the delivery of email from friends, family, co-workers or even entire domains.

When you first sign up, Boxbe scans your existing email folders and address book to create a Guest List that includes all the people you’ve recently and frequently emailed. The Guest List is live and dynamic and automatically includes new people you want to receive email from, so your friends are already included

When you receive an email from someone you have not already pre-approved, you can opt to approve the sender. She will then be added to your Boxbe Guest List. We are adapting email for the social networking generation.

Boxbe cleans up your inbox

hiw1.pngInboxes are filled with unwanted messages, making it hard to find the things you do want. Or sometimes important messages are marked as junk by an over zealous spam filter.

Boxbe cleans up your inbox and guarantees emails from people who matter, and stops those that are unwanted.

It works with your existing email

existingInbox.pngBoxbe is designed for the millions of email users who want better control of their email. Boxbe works with Yahoo! Mail, Gmail and Outlook.

Boxbe for Your Domain is in beta testing – it and more services will be rolled out in 2008!

Give spammers the heave-ho

Boxbe empowers you to choose which people or businesses can reach you. Anyone who isn’t on your Guest List will receive a request to verify their message before it is delivered to your inbox. Legitimate marketers who want to reach you have the option of paying a small fee that you set so that they can get their message through to you.

Unverified messages are held in your Waiting List for you to review, and approve or decline at anytime.

In a nutshell

Boxbe helps you sift through the barrage of email you receive on a daily basis. We’re here to uncomplicate your inbox and help you get to the messages you want to receive.

Adding domains to your Guest List

Monday, December 10th, 2007

We’ve gotten a few questions about adding domains to your Guest List and thought having a how to blog post might answer other questions folks may have.

Domain names

A domain name is the bit after the “@” in your email address. For example, in the email address,, is the domain name.

Adding a domain name can make it easy for groups of people (like co-workers) to email you without getting an email invitation back.

Other examples might include emails you get from a company who’s emails you might always want to receive. I buy a lot of goods from and also have an affiliate account, so I have the domain approved.

How to add domains to your Guest List

It’s easy to add a domain name to your Guest List. Adding a domain name is just like adding a regular email address. From your Approved Guest List, just type in a the domain name you would like to approve and click “Add.”


Alternatively, you can list domains when you import a larger list of contacts on the import contacts page.