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Boxbe User Survey

Monday, October 22nd, 2012


Some of Boxbe’s members, as many as 140,000 of them, recently received an email inviting them to participate in a brief survey about the Boxbe service.  We learned some really useful things about us, including:


  • You like us, you really, really like us.  Over forty percent of you rated us 9 or 10 on a ten point scale for the question “would your recommend Boxbe to friends or relatives?”  In fact, a clear majority–62% rated us 7 or higher.
  • Over half (53.1%) of you use Gmail or Google apps with Yahoo! (and others like ymail, verizon, pacbell, sbcglobal,,, etc.) coming in second at 32.3% and AOL in third at 6.6%.  Eight percent of you use one or more of the above.
  • The bulk of those who responded to the survey–a little over 45%–receive 25-99 emails every day.  A tenth of you receive 100 or more.  We’re glad you’ve got Boxbe to help you sort things out!
  • Nearly nine in ten of you (88%) thought our survey was relevant. We’re glad you took the time to fill it out.

What will Boxbe do with these insights?  We’ll use them to improve the service in a few ways:

  • Some open-ended comments suggested that we could do better in explaining to new members how the service works.  So we’ll improve the site in both structure and content and add some welcome emails to help get new members up to speed.
  • Many of you told us that your biggest problem with email was SPAM, or unsolicited email.  To that end, we’ll re-double our efforts using our universal lists to reduce the clutter in your inbox.
  • Lastly, we plan on using the insights to help spread the word about Boxbe so that more people can enjoy a cleaner, more useful inbox.

Thanks again for all who helped!

For more information on Boxbe, Click here to see how Boxbe works!

Please write to if you require assistance for any Boxbe service issue.

More security for Yahoo! email accounts using Boxbe

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012


One thing we love to do is announce security upgrades for our users…and well, here we are, with yet another secure way to help you safely communicate with the people you love.  We are happy to announce that Yahoo! mail users are now even more secured using Boxbe with OAuth.

This means that when using the Boxbe service to help you prioritize the people you want to hear from, your email’s personal access information is not given out.  At all.  Boxbe can only access your Inbox to help prioritize emails when you have given your consent, while your email password stays secure and is never shared.

When registering a new Yahoo account with Boxbe, or adding a Yahoo! email address to your existing Boxbe account, you will now see a page asking for your permission to allow the Boxbe service  access to your email.  This allows Boxbe to connect (again, without a password being shared) with information needed to allow our service to work with your email.



Boxbe is dedicated to providing users with the most up-to-date security in our service.  We understand that with today’s internet activities, having peace-of-mind over personal information is a necessity.  We are proudly remaining vigilant over your security.

For more information on Boxbe, Click here to see how Boxbe works!

Please write to if you require assistance for any Boxbe service issue.


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Boxbe – Saying ‘good-bye’ to the Public Email Address

Friday, July 6th, 2012

As new features are implemented, certain offerings need to be sunsetted. The PFA/Public Email Address is one of those offerings we are now letting go.

If you use an address (like, please be aware that this service will be discontinued, within the coming few months, and will no longer be offered.

Our members are able to continue to use their email screening preferences and personalized guest lists to make sure they are receiving the mail they want, while sorting out unknown and unwanted messages.

Boxbe now fully integrates with Yahoo! Mail (and others like sbcglobal, etc.), Gmail, AOL Mail and Google Apps. We highly recommend using one of these services in order to continue leveraging the power of Boxbe service’s policy screening with your email.  Simply click here to register your Yahoo, AOL, or Gmail account with us.

Just like with the latest addition to our service Automatic Cleanup, we plan on continuously improving our integrated services and furthering our goal of helping to manage inboxes the way you want them to be.

We are notifying our members early enough to give you time to re-route your email to another address, if you are currently using the “” address ID to send to your contacts.

Thank you for your continued use and support of Boxbe!

Please write to if you require any assistance for any Boxbe service issues.