New Enhancements to Boxbe

March 16th, 2007 by


Just in time for the weekend – we’ve made some enhancements that y’all had been asking for.

Message Preferences

Under message preferences, we’ve made a couple of tweaks:

First, you can now disable the header information on forwarded messages when either the sender is pre-approved, or the message was manually forwarded from your quarantine.

Second, you can choose whether forwarded messages are sent from “” or the original sender’s address. This should make it easier to sort messages in your inbox.

Domain Approval

To make domain approval a little bit easier, any mail sent from sub-domains will be subject to the policy of the top-level domain (unless a specific entry exists for the sub-domain). For instance, mail sent from “” will be subject to the policy for “”

Approval List Search

We know your approval list is long (I’ve got 500 senders approved myself) and finding who’s on your list and who’s not can be hard. Senders in your approved list can now be searched by name in addition to email address.

Gratuitous puppy photo by mcsixth