Boxbe Love

August 26th, 2008 by

photo from Flickr user, kjunstorm

I go to a few tech conferences every year, but in general, my favorite one is Gnomedex. It’s a great group of people and always an interesting set of speakers.

This year was especially nice as randomly, a woman walked up to me and says, “I love you guys.” I was a little startled at first, but then I realized she was one of the folks that follows Boxbe’s Twitter feed, An Bui. It seems we’d made her pretty happy with our Outlook plugin and how it killed spam from her inbox.

I was pretty stoked to get a little adulation for our service and remembered that after a recent survey we had received lots of great feedback about how we’d helped other people tame their inboxes, too.

Here are some quotes from the survey (which happened before we released Outlook). Thanks everyone for your kind words.

Boxbe for Yahoo! Mail

“My ~10 year old Yahoo account is manageable once again.” – George B.

“I like that it gives me a chance to stop accepting emails from companies I don’t use any longer.”- Boxbe for Yahoo! user

“I like this service because it is different from anything else I have experienced. I want others to have the same opportunity.” – Boxbe for Yahoo! user

“I was about to abandon my yahoo account. now i don’t have to. thanks!” – Sharon S.

“I think Boxbe is awesome!” – Boxbe for Yahoo! user

“Can’t get any easier to use.” – Boxbe for Yahoo! user

“Thanks for fixing my Yahoo! I’d given up on using it about a year ago, and set it to vacation response. Now all those business cards are usable again. ;)” – Joseph K.

“You’ve got a big fan, and one who will share the information with friends soon.”- Boxbe for Yahoo! user

“I am a supporter, and I think your stuff generally works.” – Boxbe for Yahoo! user

“It catches the rest of the stuff Yahoo spam doesn’t so that my Inbox is spam-free.” – Tabatha L.

Public Email Address

“This is the most important email advance since Gmail in my book. It’s an entirely disruptive technology that serves as an electronic gatekeeper. [yes, you may use that as a quote]” – Boxbe for Yahoo! and Boxbe Public Email user

“There’s no more worry about attaching an email somewhere and having it harvested. That’s awesome.” – Boxbe for Yahoo! and Boxbe Public Email user

“It is a great email service to use as a public address.” – Boxbe Public Email user


“It does a great job of filtering my mail.” – Anna R.

“I’ve been happy with the results that I’ve noticed and recommended it for those same reasons.- Richard S.

“The program has eliminated alot of scrolling through unwanted emails just to get to the emails that I need to review.” – Patricia B.

“I really like it and how it allows me to define what is and isn’t spam.” – Brent C.

“I think it’s a cool service. A service that needs a little work, but cool enough to tell others about it.” – Ronnie M.
“Everyone needs this.” – Cindi G.

“I think it is wonderful.” – Darlene B.

“I don’t know of any other service that does this, and it seems like such a perfect solution.”- Robin L.

“You’ve tamed the red tide of junk mail in here. I see the real results in 1.5 days, literally within a day and a half, all the mail I want is in my in-box, and the stuff I don’t is in the pending folder.”- Andre L.