New features: smart screening, universal guest list, and more!

August 5th, 2008 by Admin

We’ve been busy here at Boxbe HQ making improvements to our service to make Boxbe easier to use and better integrated into your email workflow.

Here are some of the features we’ve just launched:

Always allow approved guests

Boxbe_ Guest List Always Allow-2.jpgWondering why some messages from approved senders weren’t making it to your inbox? The new system allows messages from approved senders even if they fail authentication.

A simpler Guest List to make your life easier.


Universal Guest List

Use Boxbe’s convenient list of retailers, mailing lists, banks, social networks and other automated senders (no marketing or advertising emails, of course). It’s one more way Boxbe helps you save time.

Courtesy Notices are now optional

Boxbe_ Courtesy Notices-8.jpgMany of you told us you don’t want to send Courtesy Notices to people not on your Guest List. They are now optional and they give you more control.

Choose who receives courtesy notices here.




Thanks for using Boxbe and we hope you like our new features. We love your feedback and we live on it. Please let us know what you think by responding to this email or emailing us at