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Boxbe’s Services and Features

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Time to take a peak into Boxbe’s services and features

What services are included in Boxbe that help you get more control over your email? Well, just in case you were wondering (or just want some further info on the Boxbe services and features), we’ve compiled a list of what you get with a Boxbe account (…for free).


Prioritizing – First, let’s start with what the Boxbe service does for your email, again, for free. Using various tools and modern security practices, Boxbe prioritizes your incoming email messages according to your own customizations. Messages are prioritized by being kept in your Inbox, moved to the Waiting List, or “blocked” by moving into the spam folder.

Guest List

Guest List – Next, let’s cover the most fundamental feature of the Boxbe service. This feature allows you to specify and select exactly which email is to stay in your inbox. You can enroll with Boxbe if you are using Gmail, AOL, Yahoo! (and their various email domains, like SBCGlobal or Rocketmail), and Google Apps domains. You can include email addresses or entire domains on your Approved List so messages stay in your Inbox from those senders you know. On the flip-side, you can block any email address or domain using your Blocked list, which will send messages to the Spam folder upon being delivered.

Waiting List

Waiting List – The Waiting List is your safe ‘grey zone’ which is where messages from unknown or first-time senders are placed and can be reviewed at your convenience. As one would imagine, this really keeps your Inbox clean and tidy. If there are messages you want to continue to receive in your inbox, Boxbe provides simple links within annotations displayed at the top of a message, allowing you the choice of approving the sender to your guest list for future retaining in your Inbox. Some messages may be eligible for an Automatic Cleanup rule (see below for more about this feature of Boxbe). As for any messages you may not want to receive: Just add them to your handy Blocked list and messages from those senders will then be moved to the Spam folder in the future.

Upon delivery, messages from senders or domains which are on your Approved Guest List will remain in your Inbox. The Boxbe service will only move a message to the Waiting List when the sending address is not on your approved list. And messages will only move to the Spam folder if the sending address or domain is on your Blocked List.



Automatic Cleanup – We are proud of this latest feature of the Boxbe service. It offers even further automatic control over your Inbox messages. The option to create an automatic cleanup rule is provided to Boxbe users as an annotation at the top of a message, when the message is from an approved sender and complies with certain message elements.. In other words, while using this feature we do the work while you get to have the fun! For example, with automatic cleanup rules, you can decide to keep your last 3 emails from a retail department store, so after receiving more than 3, the oldest messages would be deleted. Pretty cool, right? These personalized rules can be edited, removed, and re-created again as much as you want.


Security – At the heart of Boxbe is the latest technologies and practices in Internet security. The implemented method of security is OAUTH, an Open standard for Authorization. The use of such security protocols makes a great-and-powerful security system that you can trust with Boxbe!


Customizations – You have even more control over your Boxbe account through our various customization features. For instance, users can customize Courtesy Notices. The Courtesy Notice email is sent back in response to any message received from an unknown sender. Boxbe members must have the Courtesy Notice feature enabled to send out Courtesy Notice emails (as another personal option).

Boxbe Members can decide that if senders (who are sending for the first time) take a CAPTCHA test successfully, then their email address (not domain) will be automatically-approvef. This saves time in approving legitimate senders, like friends and family.

Universal Guest List

Universal Guest List – When saving time seems to be on everyone’s mind these days, we have enabled a Universal Guest List feature for Boxbe users. Internally, based on highly scrutinizing verification of email addresses and their domains and organizations/companies, Boxbe maintains a curated Universal Guest List which allows very well-known senders to be approved for everyone. This helps members who receive order confirmations and receipts, like from Amazon for instance. You can disable this feature entirely or specifically place an email address or domain on your Blocked List if you don’t want to receive those messages.

We look forward to releasing future Boxbe features and upgrades, and we thank you for your interest in, or use of our service.

As always, you can write to if you require any assistance for any Boxbe support issues.

Boxbe Announces Initial Support for Google’s Advanced Sign-In Service

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

To our valued Boxbe for Gmail members,

As proponents of good online security practices, Boxbe is happy to announce basic support of Google’s Advanced Sign-In (click here for Google’s announcement).   If you are not familiar with Google’s multi-factor (2-step) authentication and support for per-application passwords, you can read more about it here.

Or watch the video below.


Using Advanced Sign-in with Boxbe

Essentially, when you enable 2-step verification for your Google account, Google effectively disables (blocks) all third-party apps including those that use IMAP (Boxbe uses IMAP).  To re-enable access for a third-party application such as Boxbe, you must explicitly generate a password using Google’s own special password generator and then provide that password to the application (to Boxbe).

You may wish to view the video referenced above (and here again) for additional explanation.


Step by Step Instructions  

If you have enrolled in 2-step verification, you should:

1)   Go to Google’s setup 2-step verification page (opens in new window).  Once setup for 2-step verification, you will need to generate a password.

2)   You should then be taken to Google’s authorizing applications & sites page to generate a password for use with Boxbe.  Save this password.

3)   Navigate to the Boxbe Email Enrollment Status Page and log in (opens in new window).

4)   For your Gmail account to be reset in Boxbe you will need to re-establish the link by clicking on “disable” first (next to the email you are enrolling in 2-step verification).  Once the email is visible in the Other Addresses section, click on “enable”…  You will be prompted to enter your password.

5)   Enter the newly generated Google password into the password field (please note that this is not the field to your Boxbe account).

6)   When this is complete, you will no longer need to enter the generated password, as it is a one-time process.

And congratulations: You’re Done!

Note: To turn off 2-step verification, instructions by Google are provided here.

Please write to if you require any assistance for any Boxbe service issues.


To Your Aid! Super-Support

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Have Questions?  Check this out…

Boxbe provides a great deal of user help and support.  From our FAQ list and How It Works page, to our user-control panels and our Blog you are currently reading!

We also provide a technical support email for any personal issues, comments or suggestions that might arise:

Some Boxbe insight can also be found in following video: