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Bacn and Email Bankruptcy made the NY Times’ Buzzword 2007 list

Monday, December 24th, 2007

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Two terms we spent a little time talking about this year made the New York Times 2007 Buzzword List. The Times takes the last Sunday of every year to review the year. Now, there are a lot of end of the year lists, but the Buzzword list is unique, fun and informative.


Bacn, as you recall, is “Impersonal e-mail messages that are nearly as annoying as spam but that you have chosen to receive: alerts, newsletters, automated reminders and the like.”

Congrats to the Podcamp Pittsburgh folks for making “Bacn” one of 2007’s top buzzwords.

Email Bankruptcy

Email Bankruptcy is something most Boxbe users won’t ever have to declare, but we can’t guard against friends, family and colleagues expecting a response to every message they send you.

What you’re declaring when you choose to delete or ignore a very large number of e-mail messages after falling behind in reading and responding to them. This often includes sending a boilerplate message explaining that old messages will never receive a personal, specific response.

Lawrence Lessig and Fred Wilson both famously declared email bankruptcy in the last couple of years. We wish them a better, more productive email life in 2008.

Other tech related terms from this year – crowdsourcing, life streaming, tumblelog, lolcat and one for Mark (our VP of Corp Dev and former CNN producer), I-reporter.


Cool tools roundup for Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

I scour the web every day for email related news, how-to’s and other items of interest. Most of those end up in our link feed over to the right.

Here are some of the latest cool tools I’ve found on the web.


Better Gmail 2
Our friends over at Lifehacker have updated their Better Gmail Firefox plugin to work with the new Gmail interface. We don’t have the new interface yet, so can’t say too much about it. If you do, download the plugin and let us know.

ClearContext, helping with your email overload
New plugin for Outlook "that helps with project management: sorting and categorizing emails relating to a particular subject".

Six Top Ways to Tame Your E-Mail
Web Worker Daily gives us their top 6 email add ons for increasing email productivity.

Batch Add Email Addresses with AddressContext
"The addressContext Thunderbird extension batch processes to and from email addresses for a set of messages from the context menu."

Email news for Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

money.jpgInfernal spam: Blocking e-mails constant struggle – Tulsa World

And apparently, incredibly expensive.

The tools may be effective, but for businesses like Bank of Oklahoma that run their own e-mail servers, they can be expensive. Brian Foster, senior vice president of information security at BOk, said a system to protect the company’s 3,000 to 6,000 unique addresses costs $30,000 to $50,000.

The article goes on to talk about the ever changing face of spam and the efforts at the Bank of Oklahoma to thwart it.

Why is Gmail still in beta
Good question, Esquire Magazine. We were wondering the same thing.

Gmail rolls out PowerPoint preview
Looks like Google might be getting closer to a full office suite. Yesterday, Google unveiled PowerPoint within Gmail. While you can’t create PowerPoint in Gmail, it sure seems like a good place to store them.

Oh, look you’re still getting plenty of spam
Techdirt has a sarcastic (and accurate) article about how putting one spammer in jail really just scratches the surface of the spam epidemic.

And speaking of jailed spammers –

Spam King denied bail
Our man in the can apparently will be staying there.

photo from Flickr user TheAlieness