More security for Yahoo! email accounts using Boxbe

October 2nd, 2012 by Admin


One thing we love to do is announce security upgrades for our users…and well, here we are, with yet another secure way to help you safely communicate with the people you love.  We are happy to announce that Yahoo! mail users are now even more secured using Boxbe with OAuth.

This means that when using the Boxbe service to help you prioritize the people you want to hear from, your email’s personal access information is not given out.  At all.  Boxbe can only access your Inbox to help prioritize emails when you have given your consent, while your email password stays secure and is never shared.

When registering a new Yahoo account with Boxbe, or adding a Yahoo! email address to your existing Boxbe account, you will now see a page asking for your permission to allow the Boxbe service  access to your email.  This allows Boxbe to connect (again, without a password being shared) with information needed to allow our service to work with your email.



Boxbe is dedicated to providing users with the most up-to-date security in our service.  We understand that with today’s internet activities, having peace-of-mind over personal information is a necessity.  We are proudly remaining vigilant over your security.

For more information on Boxbe, Click here to see how Boxbe works!

Please write to if you require assistance for any Boxbe service issue.


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