Boxbe – New and Improved

June 13th, 2012 by Admin


Boxbe offers its service for free…exactly how we like it. We realize that with more resources, we will be able to continue to offer and improve the Boxbe service, for free, to all of our members. And that’s why we have great news!! Back in February 2010, Boxbe attracted the attention of eDataSource, a leading provider of competitive intelligence. At that time eDataSource and Boxbe became partners, and last summer (in 2011) they agreed on a plan to merge operations that would help the continued innovation of features provided by Boxbe. eDataSource has recently completed its acquisition of Boxbe.

Additionally, Boxbe would like to announce that there will be upcoming changes to the service that will give our members greater control over which commercial emailers (online stores, clothing brands, etc.) can reach their inbox. This will include tools to automatically manage the frequency of incoming email newsletters, providing for a cleaner inbox.

“Consumers are overwhelmed by the amount of commercial email they receive, and we’re talking now about the email they actually want. But sifting through it and processing email is a chore. We aim to help consumers by fixing this problem,” said Thede Loder, founder of Boxbe and new CTO of eDataSource.

If you don’t already know about the Boxbe service, click here to see how Boxbe works! To all of our existing userbase – thanks for making Boxbe popular.

There are more new features coming soon!