A more secure Boxbe with OAUTH Support for Gmail

February 13th, 2012 by Admin

Boxbe is keeping up with the latest in security practices and is excited to announce our support of OAUTH with Gmail and Google Apps. This means that when using Boxbe to help prioritize your email, you can exchange email account authentication information with Boxbe (such as your email contact list) without sharing any access permissions (your password).

What has changed with Boxbe, you ask?

First-time users, and users setting up more than one Gmail and/or Google Apps email address in their Boxbe account, previously needed to input their username and password in the Boxbe system. Now, when going through either of the same processes, you will automatically be directed to Gmail to enter your information, and then sent back to Boxbe after accepting to grant OAUTH access to Boxbe.

What are the Benefits?

Your email’s personal access information is not given out.  At all.  Boxbe can only access your data when you have given your consent.

More details: Click on this link for more information on OAUTH from Google.

Boxbe continuously aims to support the best practices, especially when it comes to the security of our members.  We take the privacy of our members seriously, while recognizing that doing so is critical to the success of using the Boxbe service.  As with OAUTH, Boxbe continues to make significant efforts to protect the identity and personal information of our members.  Securely maintaining Access Permissions using industry standard security practices, and seeking the best ways to improve integration with ISP’s (internet service providers) for the sake of security, is our goal.

Note for Gmail OAUTH users: You can always edit any third party applications you have allowed to access your Google account, by visiting your Google account Dashboard.  Under “Account” click on “Websites authorized to access account” and you will be taken to a page with a list of connected sites, apps, and services.

For more information on Boxbe, Click here to see how Boxbe works!

And coming in the not-so-distant future: Boxbe OAUTH support for AOL and
Yahoo! Stay tuned…