Spam Scoring Removal

July 14th, 2011 by Admin

Some of you may have noticed that the relevance ranking which Boxbe assigns to messages from unapproved senders (sometimes called a “spam score”, or the 1-10 ranking) is not as accurate or consistent as before.  This is because this feature is now partially disabled.

Within the next month or so Boxbe will remove this feature completely. The reason we are removing message rankings is that the mainstream ISPs (AOL, Gmail, Yahoo!) have become much better at correctly placing email in the Inbox or the Spam folder.  In addition, computing the relevance score is an expensive operation for Boxbe to perform, so it makes sense to rely upon the ISPs good work.

Not to worry, we will still be analyzing each of your messages and considering your preference settings when deciding what to do with them.


* FYI we’re excited! – In future months, we’ll be focusing our development efforts in some new areas and we look forward to sharing them with you as they happen!