Integrating Boxbe with Gmail

March 20th, 2007 by

[Editor’s Note: While this method of filtering still works for integrating Boxbe and Gmail together, we’ve improved the process. Take a look at this post for further instructions.]
Updated: Friday, May 11, 2007

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned that Boxbe is here to enhance your email, not replace it.

gmail_logo.jpgBoxbe can optimize your Gmail account to receive the messages you truly want to receive.

Assuming you have already added your Gmail ‘contacts’ and verified your Gmail account, here’s how to use Boxbe to screen email arriving in your Gmail account.

A little background

You are going to add a ‘filter’ rule and a ‘signature’ into your Gmail account. The filter will route messages without your delivery code from Gmail to Boxbe. Make sure you have your Gmail address set as your primary address to ensure re-delivery of messages.

Get the code from Boxbe

  1. At Boxbe, go to Account > Preferences > Messages
  2. Copy your unique code from the Message delivery code section.


Set up your signature file on Gmail

  1. Log into your Gmail account.
  2. Select “Settings” (in the upper right of Gmail main screen).
  3. gmail.filter.1.settings.gif

  4. Create a signature containing your code. This will suppress the filter for sending mail as well as responses to email that you send.
  5. gmail.settings.big.gif

  6. When you’ve added your code to your signature, scroll down and press “Save Changes”

Set up your Gmail filter

  1. Select “Settings” again (in the supper right of the Gmail main screen)
  2. Choose the “Filters” tab.
  3. gmail.filter.2.filters.jpg

  4. Choose “Create a new filter.”
  5. In the “Doesn’t have” field, paste or type your code
  6. gmail.filter.4.filterstep1.1.gif

  7. Click ‘Next Step‘. This will bring up the ‘Choose Action’ screen and give you a list of actions to be taken for the filter you are adding.
  8. Check the box for “Skip the Inbox.”
  9. Check the box for “Forward it to:“. In the field to the right of “Forward it to“, enter your Boxbe public forwarding address (your Boxbe username followed by
  10. Check the box for “Delete it.” NOTE: Selecting “Delete it” will delete the message from Gmail which ensures you will not have more than one copy of a given message.
  11. gmail.filter.5.filterstep2.gif

  12. Click “Create Filter.”
  13. boxbe_gmail_filter_5_create_filter.gif

  14. Your final screen should look like this:
  15. gmail.filter.6.filterstep3.gif


Once completed, you can test the filter by having a friend send an email to your Gmail account (or send to yourself from another email account).

If your friend is someone you’ve pre-approved, the message should end up in your Gmail inbox after passing through Boxbe. If you do not have your friend’s email address listed as pre-approved, you may need to manually forward the test message to your Gmail account by finding it in your Boxbe Quarantine.