Using Gmail to POP your email

March 22nd, 2007 by

Continuing on off of our announcement earlier this week, we’re busy making Gmail our email nerve center. Gmail recently released the ability to download your POP email into Gmail. If you like Gmail like we do, this is a great way to make Gmail your email communications HQ.

Before you get started, you should have your outside account information handy to add into Gmail.

Here’s how you set it up:

Click on Settings in the upper right corner of Gmail.

Click on the Accounts tab


Within the Accounts tab, click Add another email address.


Enter your non-Gmail address:

gmail - POP.2.jpg

Now, if you are using another major email provider, like Yahoo!, Gmail will auto-fill some of the options for you.


Otherwise, enter in the relevant data. You should be able to get this from your email provider’s website.


Applying a label as new messages come in is a good way to keep track of messages from different accounts.

To finish, click Add Account.

Gmail allows you to add up to 5 email accounts so, if you have several accounts, Gmail might be a good way to consolidate email into one central location.